The Best UK Toothpaste For Your Teeth and Gums

best toothpasteIdentifying the best toothpaste for teeth and gum health can be tricky with so many different products on the market. However, when you know what you’re looking for, the job gets that much easier, as amongst the various brands you’ll find on pharmacy and supermarket shelves, there will be something to suit every preference and need.

As you can see by visiting, the Nutrident team is committed to helping people enjoy healthy teeth and gums through education and advice and in this article, we take you through the available varieties of toothpaste to help you choose the best UK toothpaste  for your own needs – as the perfect choice will depend on you above all else.

By reading on, you’ll learn more about the best toothpastes to use if:

  • You have sensitive teeth
  • You’re a smoker
  • You have oral health or gum issues
  • You’re after a natural alternative
  • You want toothpaste without fluoride

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and see what we find.

So, What’s The Best UK Toothpaste  For Me?

Around 90% of adults in the United Kingdom have gum disease to some degree*, with around ⅔ of people also having tartar of some kind. So, it’s important that you get the right toothpaste that deals with whatever gum or teeth issues you have and while some don’t, the majority contain fluoride.


Fluoride is beneficial in that it helps to protect your tooth enamel and it’s recommended by all dentists as it’s known for preventing your teeth from becoming sensitive and discoloured*. In this article we cover both so as to give a balanced view, as fluoride isn’t for everyone.


A Variety Of Different Needs & Scenarios

Look down the toothpaste aisle of your local supermarket and you’ll see a dazzling array of products to help in a variety of different ways. Depending on your requirements, the best toothpaste will be determined by what kind of dental support you need.

With that in mind, let’s break things down need by need.

The Best UK Toothpaste  for Sensitive Teeth

When you start to find eating cold or hot food difficult, it’s usually because your tooth enamel has been worn away. In this case, the best choice is a fluoride toothpaste that works to repair enamel. There are a number of UK toothpastes that deal with the issue, but perhaps the best is Sensodyne or Fluoride-free BioMin – as they’re specifically designed for this very problem.

Used twice a day, it’s usually enough to keep the problem under control, but if you get pain rather than mere discomfort, it might be time to visit your dentist.

The Best Toothpaste for Whitening

If you regularly smoke or drink red wine or coffee, it can result in discoloration, which can be addressed with a whitening toothpaste. It’s important to state that the most these toothpastes can do is return your teeth to their natural colour – rather than make them any whiter.

Historically, whitening toothpastes have been quite abrasive and whilst the latest variants are much gentler, opinion is still divided on their use – so it’s worth talking to your dentist first. That said, if you are looking for the best UK toothpaste  for this purpose, Colgate Max White One and Nuskin’s AP-24 are both very well reviewed on Amazon for providing a ‘clean’ feeling whilst also removing stains.

The Best for Smokers

Smoking’s well known for being bad for health in general and it can also leave quite a mark on your teeth. Typically, smoker’s toothpaste is somewhat abrasive as it needs to be to remove stubborn nicotine stains, as well as dealing with associated bad breath issues.

Clinomyn is known to be a good choice for smokers, as are a range of charcoal-based toothpastes that also help to remove difficult tooth stains.

The Best UK Toothpaste  for Unhealthy Gums

As your dentist will tell you, your gums are every bit as important as your teeth as you simply can’t have healthy teeth with issues like gingivitis going – or least you won’t if it’s left for too long. Treating gum issues typically involves regularly cleaning well along the gumline and using interdental brushes and floss.

Corsodyl – known for their effective mouthwashes for the same kind of issues – make a toothpaste called Ultra Clean which directly tackles bleeding gums. It’s something of a UK market leader for this purpose.

The Best Fluoride-free Toothpaste

While most people opt for a fluoride toothpaste, there will be some that prefer to use a fluoride-free toothpaste which use natural ingredients to provide the cleaning action. Biomin makes another appearance here as an effective choice, however, there are also other popular varieties on the UK market like Sarakan and Misak.


The Best Options for Specific Preferences

Ok, so we’ve looked at the best UK toothpaste  options for dealing with specific needs. Now we cast an eye over those toothpastes that suit your own personal preferences like taste and a desire for more natural teeth cleaning options.

The Best Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste, like any other product, needs to cater for demand, which is why you can buy natural alternatives that contain only ingredients that occur naturally. If you’re looking for an effective, non-man-made toothpaste, Georganics are a popular brand with UK customers.

However, if you want your natural toothpaste to have a whitening effect, you should look at some of the activated charcoal brands.

The Best Non-Mint Toothpaste

Mint as a taste isn’t to everyone’s liking, which is a problem as it’s in most varieties. That said, there are also a number options on the UK market that cater for this issue and that come in different flavours. Kingfisher toothpaste, for example, have created a fennel flavoured toothpaste and there are even chocolate and flavour-free options available.

Georganics also offer some unique flavours, with Oranurse being another of the flavour-free options.

The Best UK Toothpaste  for Vegans

Should you be against the use of any kind of animal products in your toothpaste, you’ll be pleased to know that you are well catered for in the UK. Amongst the many available is Aloe Dent’s vegan toothpaste that gently soothes the gums with whitening thrown in for good measure.

It’s a popular choice amongst both vegans and non-vegans due to the fact that it’s great for cleaning and the aloe is about as soothing a substance as there is.


There are more toothpaste brands on the UK market than we could possibly have time to include in a blog like this, so it’s understandable to have trouble deciding between them. There are many variables at play here, so the best UK toothpaste  for you won’t necessarily be the same for someone else.

Our advice would be to think about what your needs are and make your choice based on the answer, however, above all else, you should brush at least twice a day (morning and night) with the right firmness of toothbrush and you’ll go a long way to keeping both your teeth and gums healthy.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Cleaning

Q: How long should I brush for?

A: Effective brushing is something that takes around 2-3 minutes to complete.

Q: What technique should I use?

A: Typically speaking, you should angle your toothbrush to 45 degrees, with the bristles aimed at the gum line where all the nasty bacteria and plaque lives.

Q: What are the symptoms of gum disease?

A: The telltale signs include bad breath, receding gums, sensitive teeth and ultimately tooth loss.

Q: Are there any risks involved with teeth whitening procedures?

A: Regardless of the treatment used, there’s always the risk that you might be sensitive to the chemicals used, which can result in damaged enamel and burnt gums in the worst case scenario.

Q: Is plaque the same as tartar?

A: No, plaque is a goo-like substance that contains bacteria, whereas tartar is solid and only forms when plaque is left in place for a day or two.

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