Candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment of an oral infection

Updated: November 3, 2022
oral candidiasis
How to understand candidiasis of the mouth?

Candidiasis is a fairly common dental disease, as it is estimated that three out of four women will experience symptoms in their lifetime. The disease is also very common in babies and children and does not spare men either.

When candidiasis is present in its mild form, the person may not even be aware of it. However, at a more advanced stage, candidiasis triggers extremely unpleasant symptoms that impact daily life with permanent discomfort and pain. After an extreme stage, the condition can even become dangerous.

Here's how to detect your candidiasis and what solutions to give it long-term, so that the disease does not become chronic.

What is candidiasis?

The human body is naturally populated by billions of bacteria and fungi to which we offer food and shelter in exchange for small services (but essential to our proper functioning). Candida albicans – the cause of candidiasis – is one of those fungi that our bodies need. It is naturally present in the flora of the digestive tract and the vaginal mucosa. Its mission is to consume organic debris in order to clean our body.

As long as candida albicans is present in reasonable quantities, it is our ally, but if it starts to proliferate, it triggers a hormonal imbalance that leads to candidiasis. From a fungus, it becomes a mold, passing from the state of yeast to a pathogenic filamentous form that will adhere to the mucous membranes to better colonize them.

What are the risk factors for candidiasis?

Candidiasis is called opportunistic because it takes advantage of a disorder in the body to develop.

Diabetes is the primary factor in candidiasis. Therefore, a patient with severe or recurrent candidiasis will be tested for diabetes in the first instance.

Broad-spectrum antibiotic treatments eradicate the natural flora of the mucous membranes and promote the proliferation of candida albicans. People who are on cortisone-based immunosuppressive therapy or AIDS treatments provide a breeding ground for candidiasis.

How to recognize candidiasis?

Candidiasis causes burning and irritation, but also has a very negative influence on the entire functioning of the body. You may feel a permanent fatigue or a big drop in energy, stress and nervousness, allergy problems, sleep problems, weight variations, digestive system problems with food intolerances…

If the disease becomes chronic, you may experience dermatological and inflammatory diseases, psychological disorders, depression, visual problems, muscle pain and memory loss.

The most obvious physical signs are

At the level of the mucous membranes

Oral candidiasis is the most common form and is also called thrush. The mucous membrane becomes bright red and is covered with a multitude of small white dots that will adhere to the inner surface of the cheeks, gums, palate and tonsils.

Babies and young children are often affected, as well as adults who are immunocompromised.

This form of candidiasis can lead to halitosis, or bad breath.

Oral candidiasis is the best known form of

In cutaneous form

Candidiasis can appear as a skin condition. It nests in the folds of the skin: inguinal folds (in the groin), abdominal folds, submammary folds, axillary folds, gluteal folds, labial commissure, anus, interdigital spaces and spaces between the toes.

The symptoms are first redness, sometimes oozing, then covered with a whitish coating. The appearance of small pustules in the periphery is frequent.

How to use the three-dimensional method?

To treat candidiasis, there is the three-dimensional method. It is a natural solution that relies on the body's own goodness to eliminate all traces of candidiasis in three steps.

The three-dimensional method does not lead you astray with scientific or medical jargon, but clearly and concretely shows you the steps to follow. The guide is accompanied for two months by a personalized email support. You can ask all your questions simply and receive the answers in your mailbox.

Once you have signed up for the three-dimensional method, you will receive your complete guide by email. By reading it, you will discover the steps to follow with all the necessary advice.

The first results appear quickly, in a few days, with the stopping of the spread of the disease. Within a few weeks, the itching, irritation and other pains subside before disappearing completely.

You benefit from email support and can contact the support team at any time for a quick response.

Step 1 – Preparation of the body by detoxification

The principle is to compose a natural formula composed of antifungals that will quickly weaken the candidiasis, which will already prevent it from progressing.

Step 2 – The diet to eliminate candidiasis for good

Diet plays an essential role in the treatment of candidiasis. Based on a few generic guidelines and key points to follow, you follow a diet that eradicates candidiasis.

Rest assured, this is not a strict diet based on deprivation and the recipes are very simple to make, even for those who are not used to cooking.

Step 3 – The well-being cocktail

The three-dimensional method ‘s well-being cocktail is a simple dosage that provides everything your body needs, while constituting an impenetrable barrier that prohibits any return of candidiasis.

Questions and Answers

Following the publication of this article, we have seen many questions from you about this method and we share with you the answers to the subject. We are of course available to answer your questions, but as we did not personally write the method, you could also write your questions directly to the method designers here.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is it possible that the candidiasis three-dimensional method program does not work on me?

From the many testimonials about the method, it works well for everyone.

But if you want more guarantee,the method includes a money back guarantee, so if it doesn't work for you, you can get a full refund.

How long does it take to heal?

This will depend on the severity of your candidiasis, so It varies from a few days to a few weeks depending on the level of infection on average. It is also important to give the body time to clear the infection.

If I want to get this method, how do I do it?

Nothing could be easier: go to the web page of the site here.

We invite you to go directly to the site to get the best price for the program.

Is the online payment secure?

Of course you can! The site selling the program uses a secure medium with the latest data encryption technology to keep your data safe.